WIT Faculty

Thomas Achilles is a comedian based in Washington DC and a graduate of the WIT Conservatory Program. He plays with WIT ensemble Season Six and coaches WIT Harold Team Love Onion. He also plays with indie teams The Bad Dudes Club and Teenage Hand Models. Achilles has studied with members of the Upright Citizens Brigade, Second City, iO Chicago, Magnet, and Philly Improv Theater and has performed in the Del Close Marathon, Boston Comedy Arts Festival, Philly Improv Festival, District Improv Festival, Steelstacks Improv Comedy Festival, and the Chicago Improv Festival. In addition, he helps run The DC Couch Cast, a podcast that provides entertainment and information about the DC comedy scene. 
"Very easy going and supportive.  We could do no wrong, and his comments were always constructive.  He also modeled a lot for us, which really helped.  It was so easy to feel comfortable."
"Tom was beyond awesome. He was engaged and his feedback was honest but always respectful and encouraging”

Lisa Austin was first introduced to improv at Georgetown University where she found it to be impressive, intimidating and way out of her league. Happily, she discovered the classes program at Washington Improv Theater in 2007 and learned that it is every bit as impressive as she thought it was, but much less intimidating. Lisa was a founding member of the now-defunct Croissant Pony, performed at the DC Improv as a member of longform group Bitter Sweet, and battled it out against some of WIT's finest as a member of FIST team The Revengers. She has studied under various WIT teachers and Asaf Ronen. She would like to help you show the world what you can do with some teamwork and imagination.
"From day one she was energetic, supportive, gave helpful notes and delivered all critique positively, and generated an environment comfortable for a wide range of ages, occupations and performance levels. Lisa is FANTASTIC!"
"The atmosphere created by Lisa's support and encouragement coupled with my classmates' willingness to learn and to embarrass themselves highly made for a fun time had by all."

Jigesh Baxi threw himself into the DC improv scene in 2010 and has never looked back. He absolutely loves improvisation and is a firm believer that the skills learned can apply to everyday life. In addition to completing the Washington Improv Theater curriculum, he has studied comedy and acting at the DC improv and Theatre Lab School of Dramatic Arts and has taken workshops with members of the Upright Citizens Brigade, the Magnet Theater, and the Second City. He has been performing in the Washington, DC area over the past three years, and has performed at Boston Comedy Arts Festival and the North Carolina Comedy Arts festival. Currently, he can be seen performing around the city with indie troupes Hot & Sweaty and Teenage Hand Models.

Coonoor Behal hails from rural Ohio and first fell in love with watching longform improv while attending college in NYC. One graduate degree and several pointless jobs later, she finally took the plunge herself and completed WIT's curriculum in 2012. She has taken workshops at The Magnet Theater and is currently completing the UCB curriculum. Since 2012 she has performed with DC-based indie troupe Press Play, performing with them at many festivals including the Del Close Marathon, the New York Improv Festival, and the Boston Comedy Arts Festival. She performs with WIT Harold Team Love Onion and is an active organizational improv trainer for WITCorps. In her non-improv time, Coonoor makes her living as a freelance innovation and design strategy consultant and workshop facilitator.

Pete Bergen has been entertaining audiences for years as both a stand up and an actor. He has been through the improv curriculum at the DC Improv, The Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in New York, and here at WIT. Pete believes that playing and reacting honestly, listening, and teamwork are essential to good improv. He also loves that the listening and teamwork skills that a good improvisor must employ, are applicable in any field. He was a founding member of the amazing longform group Bright Young Things and is also an original member of The Score. He also produces, casts, and performs in the wildly successful Chinese Menu comedy shows. He wants people to come in, have fun, and be ready to be challenged. DO IT!
"Pete is amazing and took my interest in improv to a whole other level. His passion for the craft is so infectious, and he put a lot of effort into teaching and providing examples of the concepts at work."
"Pete was a great instructor. He was supportive and invested in our development as a class. He pushed us to try new things, but also held us accountable to things we'd learned the week before."

Just like Judy Garland, Prince, and Target, Jamie Bingner is one of the many wonderful things to come out of Minnesota. Jamie discovered improv through high school mime classes but enjoyed the WIT curriculum because she was allowed to talk. Jamie has taught with WIT for the last few years. She has been a proud member of various Harold Teams since their inception.
"Jamie was an excellent teacher! She was terrific at following up with us personally throughout the semester making sure to give us feedback and advice to continue progressing."

"Very fun and passionate instructor... I felt touched by her level of caring and attention."

Caroline Blair Pettit has been involved with the DC improv scene since 2009 when her coworker convinced her to take an intro class at the DC Improv. Since then, she's been involved with the DC Improv Comedy School Cast, ComedySportz, Hot & Sweaty, Spirit Bear, Dr. Girlfriend, and Commonwealth. She's performed in FIST, Seasonal Disorder and Improvapalooza shows and as a part of the 2012 POTUS Among Us ensemble.
“I was most impressed by Caroline’s continued level of enthusiasm. She always greeted everyone with a warm smile and introduced exercises with gusto! I would absolutely recommend Caroline as a teacher - you will learn a great deal and have tons of fun in class!”

“Caroline is a lot of fun and has lots of energy as an instructor. I liked that we learned primarily by doing -- she doesn't over-spend time on explaining what the class just learned, because they just saw it themselves.”

Daniel Brown was born in Chicago, Illinois, and grew up in Memphis, Tennessee. In college, he studied communications, theater, and film production, which included writing and directing comedy short films, performing short-form improv and sketch comedy, and roles in productions of Neil Simon’s Fools, Grease, A Young Lady of Property, and Wait Until Dark. After attending a pre-Rally for Sanity show produced by Washington Improv Theater he became enamored by the possibilities of long-form improv and signed up for WIT classes shortly thereafter, finishing the curriculum in 2012. He has been performing in indie troupes for the past two years as part of Rule 34, Tiny Ikea, storytelling improv troupe Blades of Beauty, and Train School. He did not write The DaVinci Code, but is responsible for several pieces of Stargate: Atlantis online fan fiction. 


"Dan was really nice and enthusiastic and he always came prepared and almost always had a clear explanation what we were supposed to get out of each exercise. His feedback was usually helpful."

"Dan created a really welcoming, inviting environment. The exercises he brought to the class were super useful and it was easy to see how they fit into improvising. Dan is a super jovial, easygoing dude."

JC Calcerano graduated from Georgetown with a Bachelor's Degree in Theater and Performance Studies. He has performed with Improv troupes at Colgate University and Georgetown University, as well as teaching mask improv comedy at the Lawrenceville School in New Jersey. Currently, he is a member of the DC area sketch comedy group Brick Penguin. As a young sprout, JC was a child model and appeared on the cover of a Babysitter's Club book. He focuses on the importance of traditional acting and character creation as ways to develop improv and sketch writing skills.
"JC was absolutely amazing! He was hysterical and informative all in one. He was always clear about what our goals for the class were and how each exercise would benefit us in the long run. He was an excellent, excellent teacher!"
"JC is great at constructive feedback. He's also good at drawing the answers from the class to reinforce the lessons." 

WIT's artistic/executive director, Mark Chalfant has taught every level in the company's curriculum. He has been a lead instructor in WIT's training program since 1999. He shares improv training through WIT's corporate training arm, WITCorps, in addition to having directed several WIT ensembles (JINX, Jackie, onesixtyone) and performances (Seasonal Disorder 2009, POTUS Among Us).  He has studied improv nationwide (in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and Portland) and has pursued theater training all over DC (Studio Theatre, Woolly Mammoth, Shakespeare Theatre, Theatre Lab).

"Mark's ability to tailor coaching to a performance and a player is stunning; you know he's been there, he's made the same choices you did and is coaching from experience."

"Mark was very attentive, provided constructive criticsim and was very supportive. I always left class feeling like I had learned something, whether through constructive decisions or through screw-ups. Mark's note-taking and attentiveness were great."

"Out of every acting class I have ever taken I think I learned the most from Mark."

Jon Chesebro hails from the suburbs of Boston by way of rural Minnesota. He has been studying and performing improv in Washington DC since the winter of 2010. He has completed the WIT curriculum and also studied at DC Improv, ComedySportz and the San Francisco Comedy College. He currently performs with WIT Harold Team King Bee and indie group Press Play. Jon has performed at many venues in the DC area and in festivals such as the Del Close Marathon in New York City, the Boston Comedy Arts Festival and the Harrisburg Improv Comedy Throwdown. When not doing improv, he has been seen jogging in the Columbia Heights area and is known to attempt stand-up comedy. Jon believes improv is a way of life and is excited to share his love of improv with others.

"I liked John's enthusiasm, focus and time management"

"Jon is unendingly positive ... is stalwart, generous, and talented"

Mike Colucciello studied improv in Chicago and graduated from the Second City, IO, and Annoyance Theater training programs. He performed with the IO teams, LuxuryNels DiebelBob from Accounting, and Blaine Community Players. After returning to Maryland, Mike took classes at WIT and has been on six Harold Teams including one of the original Harold teams,Uncle DiGiorno. Mike's favorite animal is the Fennec Fox. He has never been invited to participate in the NFL Combine, but will go if invited. Mike would like to thank Frank Zamboni and the Zamboni family for their contributions to smooth ice throughout North America. Mike is thrilled to be part of Gone Baby Gone.

Ian Farley performs with the WIT Harold team People Like Us. He began taking WIT classes in 2010 and found the principles of improv dually applicable to performance and life. At that point resistance was futile. As a member of the indie troupe Press Play, Ian has had the opportunity to learn and perform long form improv in cities like Boston, Austin, New York, and Chicago. He completed the WIT curriculum in 2012 then joined the his first WIT Harold team Gone Baby Gone. As a WIT instructor, Ian hopes to encourage the principles of support and discovery that make improv and life fun.

Melanie Gart was first introduced to improv at the University of Florida – Go Gators!  Since then, she’s studied at WIT, DC Improv, and ComedySportz, and has done several stints in Chicago for intensive training at Annoyance and iO. Melanie has put her skills to use performing locally and at the Del Close Marathon as a member of various DC-based indie troupes.  She has also appeared on the WIT stage many times in FIST, Improvapalooza, and Seasonal Disorder shows. A self-avowed improv nerd, Melanie enjoys the improv classroom just as much as she enjoys being on stage.
"Melanie is great at giving feedback yet gives students agency to make their own choices. It's an effective balance. She's an excellent teacher."

Kevin Gauthier began his improv career as a thoroughly entertained audience member. Then after moving into the city, he was convinced to take a class at WIT, which lead to total immersion into a life surrounded by improv. He is a co-founding member of the indie troupe Good Touch Bad Touch, as well as a member of the WIT Harold teams (formerly) The Chets, and (currently) Safavi. He is a native Washingtonian, lover of the Redskins, and enjoys seeing obscure indie bands at small venues. Kevin sees teaching improv as his opportunity to give back to a community that has given him so much.
"Kevin was great! Always lots of good ideas and helpful comments."
"Kevin said enough to get us thinking about what we were doing and be better performers, but not so much that we were inside our head and not able to be in the moment."

Justus Hammond is a current WIT ensemble member of Commonwealth and former troupe JINX. He was also a cast member of other collaborative WIT projects such as Seasonal Disorder, Die! Die! Die!, In Bed, POTUS, and other WIT promotions. He has also participated in 3 FIST tourneys and was a 2011 FIST commissioner. Justus has also served as an operative and operatives manager for WIT and is one of the longest running operatives of the theater. He was also a member of WIT Harold teams Private Elevator and Capybara. He has also directed former WIT Harold teams Telenovela and Scorched Earth. Justus is also a current member of the longest running DC Indy improv troupe The Lodge. Justus completed the WIT training program and has been active in the DC Improv community for over a decade.

Stacy Hayashi has performed improv since 2010, currently with Nox! (WIT Ensemble), Love Onion (WIT Harold Team), and indie teams Poetic License (poetry and improv), Mr. Meaner (rap), High Chrymes (rap), Sweater Kittens (all women), and Asian Moms (east/southeast asian improvisers). Stacy trained at WIT, DC Improv, and Magnet Theater, and has taken workshops with instructors from the Upright Citizens Brigade, iO, The Second City, and the Miles Stroth Workshop. She has also studied clowning and bouffon at the Center for Movement Theatre. Stacy helps run Improv Sandbox (experimental improv jam) with District Improv and Bagelz & Jam (women’s jam) with JJ Jackson. Stacy is from the LA area (Monterey Park, CA) and travels there often to watch and do as much improv as she can!

Paul Hitlin performs with the WIT ensemble King Bee and the indie group Sistine Robot. But the improv bug hit him many years earlier as he accidentally became the first director of Yorktown High School’s 28th St. Improv troupe in Arlington – creatively named for the street where the school is located. He founded Hampshire College’s Basic Character Flaws, and later directed the influential, yet often-forgotten DC-based troupes, Willis and Outlerloop. Paul was a member of the WIT Harold team Ouroboros, and has written for the Hexagon comedy revue.

Dave Johnson has been performing with various improv groups since 1998. He holds a BA in Drama from Washington College, an MFA in Acting from Ohio University and has performed as a company member of WIT's Mainstage troupe (now onesixtyone) since April 2003. He has taught both Acting and Voice and Speech to undergraduate students at Ohio University, and with WIT has taught levels 1 & 2, workshops with WIT University, and assistant taught several classes. Dave has been working as a professional actor since 1996 and has performed at local venues such as The Kennedy Center, The H Street Playhouse, The Source Theater, Theater J, and Center Stage in Baltimore.

“Dave has all the qualities that I look for in an excellent teacher. He is patient, kind, sets expectations, pushes students to challenge themselves, loves his work and craft, is well prepared, takes the class seriously (despites the comedic nature), and is very supportive to first time participants and non-actors (like me!). I learned a ton about teaching from Dave.”

“Dave is awesome, both as a teacher and as an improviser. He really pays attention to the group and makes sure everyone is involved and taking the most out of it.”

Mikael Johnson's love for comedy threw him into the study of writing, acting and most of all improvisation. As a member of both the Maryland Ensemble Theater Company and WIT's Jackie, Johnson believes that you can not be a good actor without core improvisational skills and you can not be a good improviser without solid acting skills. He has used both in his work with the longform group Season Six and in WIT productions Best Friends, Neighborhood Town and Full Count. Johnson, who takes great pride in his character work in the theater, has studied comedic acting extensively through Woolly Mammoth Theater Company, MET and at various improv festival workshops across the country.
"Mikael Johnson is amazing as a teacher. He had such good insights and I had plenty of a-ha moments."

"I thought Mikael's insight's were awesome."

Lisa Kays was first introduced to improv when WIT’s former Managing Director convinced her to do it by promising she wouldn’t be the worst in the class. She was delighted to find that no one is the worst in the class, because there is no wrong in the happy land of improv. Lisa has completed the WIT training program and currently performs with FuegoLisa is fascinated by how the lessons of improv apply to real life and finds that improv is pretty much one of the best ways to stay sane in a crazy world.
"Lisa is exceptional. She was so supportive of our class members, she was complimentary, and she was knowledgeable about the material."

“I could not have asked for a better instructor. By the end of the first class a group of complete strangers completely let their walls down and became one unit. She was open to our many ideas, no matter how crazy and offered to help enhance our improv abilities when needed. Very encouraging and because of her, I’ll be taking Level 1B!”
"Lisa is always clear, supportive, encouraging, and understanding."

Karen Lange is an actor, singer, improviser, and Co-Artistic Director of Pinky Swear Productions. Selected credits: Perfect Arrangement (Source Festival), Cabaret XXXY: Who Do You Think You AreCabaret XXX: Love the One You’re WithKilling WomenCarol's ChristmasCabaret XXX: Les Femmes Fatales, Be Here Now and Freakshow (Pinky Swear Productions),Romeo and Juliet (Red Eye Gravy Theater Company), Life with Father (American Century Theater), House of Blue Leaves(Dominion Stage), Wonder of the World (Port City Playhouse). Karen has been performing with Washington Improv Theater's iMusical since 2006, performing in over 150 shows. She is also part of the DC/NY musical improv troupe Vox Pop, who can be seen in festivals around the country. Karen is a graduate of the Studio Theater Conservatory. She teaches improvisation and musical improvisation at Washington Improv Theater and Studio Theater.

"Karen is wonderfully bubbly and enthusiastic."

"A great teacher; always well prepared, supportive, and fun."

Katie McDermott has studied improvisational comedy at the DC Improv, WIT, and Dad's Garage in Atlanta, and has workshopped with members of the Upright Citizens Brigade and The Annoyance Theatre. She's been performing regularly in the DC area for three years. Katie was one of the founding members of local independent improv team Aboulia! and is currently a member of WIT Harold team Breaker Breaker. She is deeply in love with the craft of improvisational comedy and cannot wait to share this love with her students -- she wants her students to discover, grow, and, most importantly, HAVE FUN!
"Katie was an excellent, excellent instructor and I enjoyed having her as an instructor immensely. She is very good and very funny. She put me at ease immediately."

"Katie made the class feel very safe. I never felt judged and that was a huge plus for me. I liked her class so much that I am taking the next level with her!"

"Katie was simply excellent. She was a joy to be around and a great instructor. She always gave constructive criticism while at the same time she let us explore our creativity in our own way."

Emlyn Morinelli McFarland is an experienced actor and improviser with a BFA in performing arts and musical theater from Emerson College. She has been living in New York City for the past 12 years and is happy to now be a part of the Washington Community. She has studied and performed with The Second City, Upright Citizens Brigade, Magnet Theater, Theater Sports NY and Comedy Sportz NY. She was a teaching assistant for Armando Diaz as well as studied coaching directly under him. Emlyn was a cast member of Freestyle Repertory Theater New York touring the East Coast with workshops and shows. She also has a successful career as a voiceover artist and has worked on cartoons such as Pokemon and The Wonder Pets as well as Internet, television and radio ads for products such as Hanes, Dunkin' Donuts, Nintendo and Trip Advisor to name a few. She is now currently a member of the improv group "The Score" and is coaching and teaching improv all around the DC area.

"Emlyn is an excellent instructor . She brings an awesome amount of energy to each class."

 '"Emlyn is insightful and constructive, and gives honest feedback."

Jon Menaster grew up in the small town of Los Angeles and moved to DC in 2008. Since then, he's taken the city by storm, and has been improvising for over two years. Jon performs with the indie group The Carmichaels and performs sketch comedy with Hand Poured Sketch. When not hilarious, Jon is sleeping. And sometimes taking photos and writing and getting excited about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Jon maintains a domicile in Logan Circle and is responsible during the day and less so in the evening.
"Jon is good at involving everyone in class, and encouraging class participation. He had a set schedule, which worked well in our understanding of improv basics."

Dan Miller took his first improv class during the winter of 2010 and only regrets that he didn't start sooner. After completing the WIT curriculum, he helped create the indie troupes Sistine Robot and Vicinity. He currently plays on the WIT ensemble King Bee. Previously, he performed with the WIT Harold teams Telenovela, Scorched Earth, and Spirit Bear. Dan loves teaching just as much as performing and truly believes that learning the tenets of improv can help you in every facet of your life. Off-stage, Dan is a freelance arts journalist and consumer of whiskey, fine cheeses, and human interest stories about interspecies animal friendships.

"I liked Dan's exercises, feedback, and enthusiasm . . . Dan is an improv badass." 

When Dan Milliken was young, he used to comb through boxes of Lucky Charms and eat just the marshmallows, leaving behind all those boring wheat things that no one likes. His siblings took issue with this habit. Over the years, Dan has become more respectful of kitchen etiquette, but when it comes to improv, his guiding philosophy is still "all killer, no filler"; he's all about helping students find—and indulge—their own creative sweet tooth. A longtime actor, Dan completed the WIT training program in 2012. He currently plays with WIT ensemble iMusical and independent troupes Ugh, High Crhymes, and Jackson, Millissippi, and formerly played with independent troupe Cake Bagel. Dan has goofed it up at the North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival, Chicago Improv Festival, and Del Close Marathon.
"Dan and Taylor were awesome teachers. I never felt too far out of my depth."
"Controlled mayhem with a dash of paprika."

Jordana Mishory's improv journey began in 2011 when she said “yes, and” to signing up for a WIT class. She then promptly fell in love with the art form and its community and went on to complete the school's training program. Jordana performs with WIT Harold Team People Like Us and indie groups Cake Bagel and Rule 34 -- where she spends most of her time onstage trying not to giggle at her hilarious troupemates. She has also performed in Improvapalooza, Seasonal Disorder and FIST shows, tackling such weighty issues as R. Kelly's "hip-hopera," the Sweet Valley Twins and the meaning of Hanukkah. Jordana sees improv as a great way to unlock the fun inside and can't wait to help new students fall in love with it, too!
"Jordana is passionate about improv--she made the class a lot of fun and pushed me to try new ways of playing."
“Jordana is great! Very patient, animated and fun-loving. She included everyone and facilitated tons of fun games and activities!”

Aaron Mosby began his theatrical and improvisational education as a teenager at the world renowned Children’s Theater Company in Minneapolis, MN. He picked up his improv training ten-ish years later at WIT in the summer of 2009. In 2010, Aaron joined the WIT facility as a TA and in 2011 he began his teaching career. Aaron has competed in the Fighting Improv Smackdown Tournament (FIST), was selected as a cast member for the 2012 run of POTUS Among Us and is a founding member of Nox.

Dan O'Neil is stoked to return to WIT’s faculty after a brief hiatus.  Over the years, he has performed with various long-form ensembles, most notably The Lodge, microCOSM, Ouroboros, Bloodlust and Yojimprov.  His troupes have performed outside the DMV at the Baltimore Improv Festival, the Richmond Improv Festival and UCB’s Del Close Marathon.  Dan became an instructor in 2009 and has since had the privilege to teach all levels of WIT’s core curriculum.  He’s studied improvisation, acting and movement at WIT, Studio Theatre, The Centre for Movement Theatre and Joy of Motion. He actually believes that the basic principles of improv have the power to heal the world.
"Dan was an incredible instructor. He was effective, hilarious, and supportive. The class had a lot of fun, but he took the time to critique our progress constructively which helped everyone learn the craft."

"Dan is a great teacher and really made us all feel so comfortable and welcome."

"Dan clearly and effectively communicated class goals and techniques, but still maintained an extremely fun environment. I felt like we were really learning but we were also having a ton of fun."

Xavier Padin is a dynamic kinda guy, with an actor's heart and an improvisers mind. In the summer of 2010, Xavier spent a majority of his free time volunteering with WIT sponsored shows and taking improv classes. From the first time he laid his eyes and ears on WIT he knew he was in love. He has since completed the WIT curriculum and considers it to be one of the most beneficial learning experiences of his life. Xavier whole-heartedly believes that there are few communities as fun, smart, and creative as the Washington Improv Theater's community of improvisers. Xavier encourages everyone he meets to try improv classes because, well, life is improvised--so you might as well learn how to get good at it! Xavier's improv performances include weekly shows with the WIT Harold team Spirit Bear, the rapping/beatboxing crew Mr. Meaner, the gang of dazzling digits known as Teenage Hand Models, 2013 FIST contenders Resident Evil 5, the secret society known as the Lodge, and the infamous duo-prov called T-Rex, Charles-Xavier, and Chux---as well as several guest appearances in Burlesque and Belly Laughs, Improvapolooza, and Chinese Menu shows.

"Xavier is amazing. A talented leader, really great knowledge of the craft, fun attitude, clear instructions... Would definitely take a class with him again."

"Xavier was a great teacher and showed that he cared about his students. He was able to cultivate a closeness and trust among the students. His feedback at the end of the course was very helpful."

Travis Charles Ploeger (Musical Improv 2+) is the creator/director of the popular and critically-acclaimed WIT production of iMusical: The Improvised Musical and has also written and performed music for other WIT projects including many of their 48-Hour Film Festival entries. A New Yorker for over a decade, he was the music director and pianist for Chicago City Limits (both resident and national touring companies) from 1998 until 2006. He was also a founding member of I Eat Pandas, with Eliza Skinner and Glennis (McMurray) McCarthy, and is a veteran of the stages of the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater and the People's Improv Theater. He is a graduate of the Hartt School of Music, a season ticket holder of the Minnesota Vikings, a passionate Washington Nationals fan... and has either accompanied or music directed in excess of 1,500 performances of improvised musicals... and counting. Follow him on Twitter here.

“His enthusiasm and energy are very contagious!”

“Travis made what’s rather hard and potentially embarrassing, (singing in public) easy and fun.”

Jaci Pulice started improvising her freshmen year of college when she joined American University’s “Mission Improv-Able.” After graduating and spending a year as the troupe’s ‘Alumni Advisor’ she realized she’d have to move on and stop being the creepy post-grad who can’t let go. So she made the move to New York and started taking classes at Upright Citizen’s Brigade Training Center. Jaci spent three years learning and laughing a lot while while training at UCB. Since moving back to DC in 2012, Jaci has performed with WIT Harold Team Gone Baby Gone and currently performs with WIT ensemble team Commonwealth. She loves teaching, performing and being a part of the WIT community. In addition to improv, Jaci enjoys good company, great pizza and top notch dance parties.
"Jaci is really good at explaining technique and side coaching."

"Jaci is an incredibly talented performer and instructor."

"Jaci not only imparts improv wisdom verbally, but embodies it when she gives the class demonstrations." 

Jarad Schofer made his entry into the improv world in 2010 by taking Level 1A at WIT on a complete whim when a friend suggested that he give it a try. Shortly thereafter he fell in love with improv. Since then, he has completed the WIT curriculum, and he performs regularly with the indie troupe The Carmichaels. When he’s not doing improv, Jarad enjoys doing extreme things like climbing Kilimanjaro, running marathons, and going shark-cage diving or gorilla trekking. Jarad believes improv is a great metaphor for life because we never truly know what’s coming next, and he feels he can identify well with people who are new to improv since he was a beginner just a few years ago. He encourages everyone to take a class and come be a part of this amazing community.
"Jarad is really enthusiastic and approaches things in a creative way."

"Jarad makes improv accessible to people who haven't performed much before."

Charles St. Charles believes improv is magic and makes life better. He is a member of WIT’s Harold team Spirit Bear and independent improv teams Press Play, Teenage Hand Models, Mr. Meaner, Pimento, and Charles Xavier. He is a graduate of WIT’s curriculum and the Honors Conservatory at The Theater Lab School of the Dramatic Arts. He has also trained in acting, improvisation and comedy at DC Improv, Studio Theatre, Woolly Mammoth Theatre, Shakespeare Theatre Company, and Upright Citizens Brigade (NYC). He has appeared in several scripted plays and is a visual artist.

"Charles gave amazing guidance and support."

"Great motivator! Great insights to rules of thumb, tricks of the trade, etc."

Kate Symes took her first improv class because she gave a toast at a wedding and people laughed, and she liked that feeling and wanted to feel it some more. Now she gets to feel that feeling when she performs as part of WIT's House Team, King Bee, and indie troupes Sistine Robot and The Score DC. Kate has studied improv and sketch-writing at Washington Improv Theater, Second City, and DC Improv, and acting at Studio Theatre. She has done some stand-up and scripted acting around town, but improvising is her jam.
"Kate is a star! Hilarious and confident."
"Kate is fantastic at providing targeted feedback. She both went above and beyond to make this class a success."
"Kate gave lots of constructive feedback and created an awesome atmosphere. By far the best class/ instructor I've had at WIT."

Anna Trester discovered the joy of improv when she moved to DC in 2002. What began as a creative outlet from graduate studies has now turned into the subject of her graduate studies, but hey, that’s what happens when you open yourself up to yes-and. She is a member of the all-female troupe The Shower and she loves to teach so much that she wants to be a professor when she grows up. She is especially excited to be a part of WIT’s training program to be able help you discover your own hidden creative genius, and remind you that there are no such things as “mistakes.” With this realization, the possibilities are endless.

“The thing I liked best about her class was how much she cares about improv, how supportive she was and how professionally she ran the class.”

“It was easy to trust her judgment and rely on her. She is impressive and fills you with confidence.”

"I chose Anna because I knew she was a teacher outside of improv and it definitely showed in class."

Joe Uchno happened upon improv by signing up for a class at the UCB Theatre in New York. While there, he was able to study with and be inspired by some really great teachers. Discovering WIT was the best part of his move to DC in 2005. Through taking classes at WIT, he was able to study with and be inspired by some really great teachers. Joe performs with the house team JINX, and the ensemble Jackie. He has found that when he is not doing something improv-related, he misses it tremendously. Teaching improv, Joe has discovered, is way more fun than he thought it might be.

"Joe was great. I really appreciated his casual style, and how he gave us great feedback that was to the point. He was really good at balancing the fun and teaching."

“He is a committed teacher and gives solid criticisms to scenework and always provides helpful suggestions to demonstrate how the scene could have been better.”

John Windmueller loves improv. Loves it! Being present in the moment, supporting and being supported, laughing and having fun... what's not to love? He has a longer explanation for why he was drawn to improv that weaves together a background with auto-cross racing, Zen, and his day gig as a college professor teaching conflict resolution. But, really, at the heart of it, he just loves improv and helping students find their own joy in playing and performing. His training includes WIT, iO Chicago, and UCB New York. John currently performs in two DC-area longform improv troupes: The Lodge and Just Moxie, is a former member of Fuego, and performs with Baltimore Improv Group's house troupe: Population 6.
"John Windmueller is an excellent improv teacher Aside from his teaching talent, his enthusiasm for improv is infectious, and I really felt like he cared about the class." 
"John Windmueller is an outstanding instructor. He quickly assessed the level of the class and tailored the syllabus to address our weaknesses while improving our strengths." 

Harold Night at Source
9 PM | Free
Friday, October 24
7:30 PM | $12-15
10 PM | $12-15
Saturday, October 25
7:30 PM | $12-15
10 PM | $12-15
Tuesday, October 28
Harold Night at Source
9 PM | Free
Friday, October 31
7:30 PM | $12-15
10 PM | $12-15
Saturday, November 1
7:30 PM | $12-15
10 PM | $12-15
Tuesday, November 4
Harold Night at Source
9 PM | Free
Tuesday, November 11
Harold Night at Source
9 PM | Free
Friday, November 14
Studio Performances
8:30 PM | $10
Saturday, November 15
Studio Performances
8:30 PM | $10
Tuesday, November 18
Harold Night at Source
9 PM | Free
Friday, November 21
Studio Performances
8:30 PM | $10
Saturday, November 22
Studio Performances
8:30 PM | $10
Tuesday, November 25
Harold Night at Source
9 PM | Free
Tuesday, December 2
Harold Night at Source
9 PM | Free
Tuesday, December 9
Harold Night at Source
9 PM | Free
Tuesday, December 16
Harold Night at Source
9 PM | Free
Tuesday, December 23
Harold Night at Source
9 PM | Free
Tuesday, December 30
Harold Night at Source
9 PM | Free
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"Amazing. You will never feel so awake and accountable."
-WIT student feedback